Bill Clinton School: Annual Report


POSTAL ADDRESS: Bill Clinton School,Ramrati Education Complex, Rampur Maniharan, Saharanpur -247451(U.P.) India

PHONE NO.: 9219412490, 9760098705, 01336-251031, 252875
Landline NO.: 01336-251031, 252875,
Affiliation Status: Provisional Affiliation for Senior Secondary School Examination upto 31st March 2020
PERIOD OF PROVISIONAL AFFILIATION upto Class 10th: 01.04.2018 to 31.03.2020
PERIOD OF PROVISIONAL AFFILIATION upto Class 12th : 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2020

Infrastructure Details

1 Class Rooms 30
2 Physics Lab 1
3 Other Rooms 12
4 Chemistry Lab 1
5 Biology Lab 1
6 Math Lab 1
7 Computer Science Lab 1
8 Library 1
9 Staff Room 1
10 Accounts Office 1
11 Principal Office 1
12 Number of Urinals/ Lavoratories separately for Boys 17
13 Number of Urinals/ Lavoratories separately for Girls 14
14 Number of Urinals/ Lavoratories separately for Female 2 Staff 2
15 Number of Urinals/ Laboratories separately for Male Staff 1
16 Drinking Water Taps 10

Details Of Teacher

S.Nos Name Qualification Designation Professional Qualification
1 Dr. Sansar Pal Singh B.Sc.(Maths,Phy, Chem.)M.A Economics,History,Ph.D.Economics Principal B.Ed.
2 Ms. Monika Sharma B.A(Hindi,Pol Sc.,History),M.A.(Hindi) NTT B.Ed.
3 Ms. Sakshi Sharma B.Com, M.Com, NTT NTT
4 Ms. Anshika Malik B.A.(Eng.Socio.Eco.) , M.A.(Education) NTT B.Ed.
5 Ms.Kehkesha B.A.(Hindi,Socio,Eco.), NTT NTT
6 Ritu sharma B.A. ( English, Hindi , Po.Science), M.A .(Political Science) NTT B.Ed., TET
7 Ms. Priti Sharma B.A. ( Sanskrit, English , Drawing), M.A. ( Sanskrit and English) NTT B.Ed.
8 Ms. Reena Malik B. A.( English, Socio , Political Science) NTT NTT
9 Ms. Naina Bajaj B.SC (Computer Application) NTT NTT
10 Ms. Roopakshini Sharma B.Com NTT NTT
11 Ms. Priyanka Vats B.A. (Hindi, Sanskrit, Geography),M.A. (Hindi) NTT B.Ed.
12 Mrs.Sakshi Gupta B.Com NTT B.Ed.
13 Ms. Sunita Sharma B.A ( Eco., Pol. Sc.,Socio.)M.A(Sociology) PRT B.Ed.
14 Parul Kataria M.A Economics, B.A - Eco, Eng,Pol.Sci. PRT B.Ed.
15 Ms. Manju Rani B.A.(Hindi,Eng.Hist.) M.A. (Eng, History,Hindi) PRT B.Ed.,TET
16 Ms. Pratibha Sharma B.A (Eng, Economics, Drawing ), M.A. Drawing PRT B.Ed.
17 Ms. Asma Usmani B.A. ( English , Pol. Science, Socio), M.A. ( Education) PRT B.Ed.
18 Kavita Singh PRT VISHARAD
19 Ms. Himani Suri PRT B.Ed.
20 Ms. Kajal Panwar M.A(Hindi) PRT B.Ed.
21 Ms. Neha Sharma B.A.(Eco,English,Sociology), M.A.(English) PRT B.Ed.
22 Ms. Rachna Sehgal B. Com, PRT B.Ed.,TET
23 Ms. Priyanka Bansal B.SC(Zoology,Botany, Military Science), Msc(Zoology), PRT B.Ed.
24 Ms. Himani Kalia B.SC(Biotech,Zoology and Chemistry),M.SC(Environment Science) PRT B.Ed.
25 Akshma Pundir B.Sc.(Phy. Ch. Maths) M.Sc. (Maths) TGT- Maths B.Ed.
26 Ms. Ashu Jaiswal B.A ( English, Sociology, Home Science), M.A. ( English) TGT - English B.Ed.
27 Ms. Soniya Sachdeva B.Sc(Maths,Geology.Physics.) TGT -Maths B.Ed.
28 Mrs. Anjali B.A. ( Hindi, Sanskrit ,Pol.Sc., Socio), M.A. ( Hindi) TGT-Hindi B.Ed.,TET
29 Ms. Garima Chhabra Mittal B.A (Eng., Hindi, Punjabi,Geography), M.Sc. ( Geography) TGT -Social Science B.Ed.,CTET
30 Ms. Pooja Khandelwal B.A.(Hindi,Sanskrit,Sociology)M.A Hindi TGT -Sanskrit B.Ed.
31 Mr. Sudhir kumar Soni B.Sc(Maths,Chem.Phys.) M.Sc (Maths) TGT - Computer MCA
32 Ms.Rupali Gupta B.A (Eng. Pol Sc.Socio)M.A.(Eng). TGT English B.Ed.,TET
33 Mr. Nishant Tripathi B.SC(Physics, Chemistry, Math),M.SC(Physics) PGT-Physics B.Ed.,TET
34 Juhi Agarwal B.SC (Chemistry honors), M.SC(Chemistry) PGT-Chemistry B.Ed.,CTET
35 Anita Pasricha B.SC ( Botany, Zoology,Chemistry ) , ( Botany) PGT-Biology B.Ed.
36 Mr. Chetan Prakash Sharma B.Ed,, B.Com, M.Com, M.B.A PGT (Accounts) B.Ed.
37 Mr. Kamal Kant Gupta B.Sc(PCM), M.Sc (Math) PGT(Maths) B.Ed.
38 Ms. Parul Pundir B. A. ( Eco. Pol. Science , Eng.),M.A. ( English) PGT-English B.Ed.
39 Mr. Bhupesh Kumar B.Sc (Maths, Phys. Geology) M.A( Economics) PGT-Economics B.Ed.,CTET
40 Mr. Anuj Kumar B.Sc.(Physical education) B.Sc.(Physical education) B.P.Ed,M.P.Ed.
41 Ms. Sudha Devi B.A, (His. Eng. Socio.) M.A.History PTI B.P.Ed,
42 Jitendra Kumar B.Com. Accountant ICA(Accounting Diploma)
43 Mr. Sumit Sharma B.A.(English, Tourism Management, Drawing) Student Clerk Tourism Management
44 Ms. Sumedha Rani B.A. ( Political Science, English, Sociology) Librarian B.LIB, M.LIB
45 Mrs. Amita Sehgal M.A(physiology) Student Counsellor B.Ed.
46 Mr. Sandeep Kumar B.Ed. (special education), M.A Special Educator B.Ed.
47 Mrs. Harsh M.A(English) PRT B.Ed.
48 Mr. Sunny Chaudhary M.Tech (Computer Science),B.Tech(I.T) PGTComputers B.Ed.
49 Mrs. Meenakshi B.A( English, Sociology and Education ), M.B.A, M.A(Education) PRT (ENGLISH) B.Ed.
50 Mrs. Neeraj Sharma ( Maths) TGT (Maths) B.Ed.
51 Mr. Pawan Sharma , Medical Science) TGT(SCIENC E) B.Ed.
52 Mr. Ravinder B.Sc Bio Lab Assistant B.Ed.
53 Mrs. Adesh M.A(English) TGT(English) B.Ed.
54 Mrs. Sharmila B.Com PRT(Maths) B.Ed.
55 Ms. Garima Sexena Science) PRT(Maths) B.Ed.
56 Mrs.Dipti Sharma M Sc.,BSc(Computer Science) TGT(Science) B.Ed.
57 Mrs. Neha Bhardwa B.Sc BTC,NTT NTT
58 Ms.Isha Sharma B.C.A, M.C.A Secretary to Principal  
59 Ms. Supriya Kohli M.A Mass Communication Admission councellor  

Total No. of Students – 1065

Status of Affiliation Bye-Laws
  1. All exam laws are followed.
  2. Service rules are followed.
  3. Staff welfare schemes are followed like PPF and gratuity.
  4. All rules related to Infrastructure are followed.

Academic Achievements

  1. Environment Education- Eco. Club activities like cleanliness, plantation, compost making, visiting to farming community to bring awareness about the harm of pesticides. Save water campaign is organized by school children, green school, organic farming.
  2. Sports Achievements: Participation in CBSE cluster, sports tournaments at school level, participation in sports competitions at district level,
  3. Innovations: Capacity Building of Teachers, Inclusion and inclusive practices, curriculum planning, promotion of language, integration of co-scholastic activities with scholastic.
  4. PTA Activities: Promoting nutrition, physical exercise, assisting the school in planning and organizing educational programme , seeing the syllabus is completed.
  5. SMC Decisions: Promotion of girl education- 50% relaxation in tuition fee to all girls, Bicycle distribution to girls from class VII, construction of new block with advance facilities, free lunch to all students twice a week.